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Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Mike Nicholaides, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

You’ve heard the claims or know from experience that test-driven development (TDD) produces better code. Perhaps you’ve also heard that to write better code you should be following the SOLID principles. Is there a connection between practicing TDD and writing SOLID code? In this talk, I’ll use examples gleaned from real life to demonstrate how TDD prompts us to produce code that conforms to the SOLID principles, and how the SOLID principles are where we should turn when our tests are causing us pain. In doing so, we’ll learn what each principle really means and why it’s valuable. Mike Nicholaides has been a Rails consultant since 2006 and has always obsessed about writing clean, clear, and concise code. He organizes the Code Retreat in Philadelphia where the focus is on learning TDD, communicating with code, and of course, having fun.

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