Reject JS 2014

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WebRTC is one of the most exciting evolution of the Web lately. It’s a set of APIs to help you build real time, p2p applications, directly in the browser. From Video and Audio conversations to p2p swarming, we’ll see the versatility of WebRTC illustrated by some applications: Hibuddy, for simple 1:1 video calls, Bananaphone for group audio calls and Waggle.js. Waggle.js is an experiment for p2p streaming videos amongst visitors of a web page, that helps reducing the bandwidth cost for the server. We will see how these applications have been built to answer their unique constraints (real-time audio and latency, p2p data streaming and state synchronization). The talk will focus on what can be done, the gotchas and, hopefully, will give you the motivation to dig deeper into the WebRTC technology.

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