Reject JS 2014

Video recording and production done by JSConf

“Your body is a system, a machine; like all machines it can be tuned.” This talk is the story of how I hacked my body, got my sleep cycle under control, and how I’m using JavaScript to do it. It’s an optimistic tale of crazy hacks and how we can use technology to complement our humanity instead of fighting it (and how we can all get a little more sleep). We’ll start in the year 2009, in the cold snowy planes of upstate New York. A young college student is suffering from the winter blues and having trouble sleeping. And then, with some hardware and programming the first spark: his first artificial sunrise! We’ll talk about the science behind “dawn and dusk simulations” and why so many developers are using tools like f.lux to help them get a good night’s rest. Then we’ll follow the development of the system I’ve worked on, called Spirit, to the present day. I’ll talk through why I chose JavaScript, how the system works, and how others can get started on a similar journey (and for less money and effort than ever before).

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