RedDot Ruby Conf 2016

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In our current market, almost of half of our employers are hiring for experienced developers. Many people move jobs every couple of years, leaving teams in an ongoing state of forming or storming, unable to find their rhythm. Company culture is a major influence on people deciding to stay in their jobs. This talk uses data gathered from over 100,000 responses to engagement and exit surveys from fast growing, successful tech companies to analyse why people leave, and how we can encourage our team members to stay (hint: it's not pay!) Speaker's Bio Jo is lead developer at Culture Amp, the world’s leading culture analytics platform. Before her current role, Jo worked at the likes of Lonely Planet, Atlasssian, ThoughtWorks and Expedia, in roles such as Product Planner, Senior Business Analyst, Development Manager and Chief Technical Officer. She was also a CTO of an Australian startup accepted into Telstra’s Muru-D program.

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