RedDot Ruby Conf 2016

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Most Scientific Computing was restricted to languages like FORTRAN and Python, until now. The Ruby Science Foundation (SciRuby) aims to change that by creating tools for Scientific Computation in Ruby by leveraging Ruby’s elegance to reduce the inherent complexity that comes with Scientific Computing. In this talk you will be introduced to several gems developed by SciRuby for Scientific Computing. You will get a glimpse into powerful libraries like nmatrix, nyaplot and daru, that can be used for performing super fast computations and beautiful visualizations, all the while keeping code sane, simple and readable. Speaker's Bio Sameer is an undergraduate student at University of Pune, India. He is a contributor to the Ruby Science Foundation, where he helps build scientific computation tools in Ruby. He is currently maintaining daru, a library for data analysis and manipulation in Ruby. He enjoys spending spare time with friends, books and his bass guitar.

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