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RedDot Ruby Conf 2015

Working remotely is one of the legendary opportunities that being a web developer brings along. The freedom to work from wherever you want is, despite certain tradeoffs, pretty awesome and something many developers enjoy. For many less experienced developers, however, there’s a lot of open questions: Isn’t it much harder for a junior? Will I be able to learn from my co-workers when I’m remote? How the heck do I get my company to agree to this? And even if they agree, how do I make it work? I’m going to share from personal experience how, yes, it is harder for a junior, but it’s definitely possible and can even be a great personal and professional experience. Starting out with how to negotiate a remote work agreement with your company in the first place, this talk will then continue with important issues and strategies that will help both junior devs that want to work remotely as well as their companies to make remote work a success.

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