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RedDot Ruby Conf 2015

Contributing to Open Source projects can be daunting for beginners but at the same time extremely rewarding. Before I started contributing, I was asking myself these questions: * Rails is such a huge and complex code base, how can I contribute anything? * I might be wrong, so I better not raise the issue or apply a "lousy" patch. Having gone through the process, I hope to help answer those questions and give confidence to new developers that have yet to contribute to open source projects because of such fears. There are tools and techniques which I have learnt and picked up that can help new developers understand a foreign code base better which I would like to demonstrate as well. In addition, I will like to talk about, a long running Ruby benchmark that I helped to revitalized and launched. I will talk about why matters to the community and how it is being structured. Following which, I will talk about my experience starting and how rewarding it can be.

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