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RailsConf 2013

This presentation, by Yoko Harada, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Datomic is a new database categorized as NewSQL and was created by Rich Hickey. Everybody knows this big name and thinks of Clojure. It is true Datomic fits well to Clojure programming. However, it is not only for Clojure people. Absolutely, Rubyists can use it. We have Diametric gem ( Using Diametric, we can dive into Datomic from Ruby, from Rails. On Diametric, Datomic's entity is an ActiveModel compliant. Diametric supports Rails' scaffolding. Its usage might look like Datamapper or MongoDB. Eventually, Diametric’s API design settled in a bit far from Ruby, Rails style. In another word, it is not ORM-like. Even though the API design may puzzle Rubyists, Diametric chose the one to expose Datomic's intrinsic properties. It is to leverage a good side of Datomic for us. I believe the more Rubyists use Diametric, the more they like it. In my talk, I’ll introduce Diametric gem and how to use it as well as why its API design is good for us. Also, I will cover how Ruby helped to integrate Datomic API in Diametric gem.

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