railsberry 2013

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"When we look at the current state of web applications, the most common answer on how to speed up an application is to use some sort of message queue to move processing in the background. Message queues have rightfully been around for a long time, more than thirty years by now. Yet they still pose an interesting question for us as developers when it comes to using them. They commonly add multiple layers of complexity to an application, each of his in one way or the other, evolves around the message queue. While we're trying to work around this by moving the workload into our database rather than a separate queue, the issues remain the same, they may even become worse. The database is the message queue, and the message queue is a database. This talk is a whirlwind tour of message queues, looking at the common patterns they're being used for, the complexities they add, and how applications need to evolve to deal with queues in a resilient fashion."

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