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Pacific Northwest Scala 2013

This presentation, by Clint Tseng, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

What do you do if you are a Scala lover who writes complex, interactive web application interfaces for love and for a living? What do you do if your company writes software that aims to bring about radical change in government, but you still have to play by government rules? What do you do if nothing out there satisfies your needs for both a fantastic user experience and beautiful, functional code? In this talk I describe how a quest to fulfill a government mandate for accessibility led to the development of a new interface framework based largely on Scala-like philosophies, and how one small monadic abstraction can change the entire face of a codebase. We will cover how Functional Reactive Programming can be usefully applied in a imperative-functional hybrid environment, and the upsides and downfalls of attempting to apply a very Scala-based mindset onto a fully dynamic language like Javascript. The work covered in this talk culminated in a framework called Janus (, and while very young, the implications and influences behind it are very strong, and very much derived from my time learning and building Scala code.

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