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OpenStack On Ales 2013

This presentation, by John Mark Walker, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

With the release of GlusterFS 3.4 and OpenStack Grizzly, there is now integration across all major storage interfaces in OpenStack and GlusterFS. Specifically, the Glance, Cinder and Swift interfaces all now have direct access to GlusterFS volumes. Furthermore, with the QEMU/KVM integration released with 3.4, GlusterFS can now host and manage your KVM-based virtualization stack. With these new features, GlusterFS is now capable of acting as a general purpose distributed storage platform for OpenStack deployments. This talk will provide an overview of all the storage interfaces, where they stand now, and what we're working on for the future. A short demonstration will show these pieces in action with the most recent releases of each.

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