OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack is like an Orchestra, made up of many different instruments each playing different parts that come together to form an open source masterpiece. The next wave of OpenStack companies are a set of specialists who are becoming masters at their own instrument. In this panel, we will have one of the virtuosos of the first wave of OpenStack startups, Boris Renski, Co-founder and CMO of Mirantis, acting as conductor. He will be directing an all-star ensemble of instrumentalists from companies specializing in projects that harmonize to form the OpenStack symphony. The first wave of OpenStack startups were generalists delivering a complete OpenStack solutions. Many of these have now been acquired by larger companies, for example Cisco's acquisition of Metacloud. Other recent acquisitions include Blue Box, Piston Cloud, and Cloudscaling. Now there are a number of companies emerging that are focused on specific OpenStack projects. In this session, Boris will lead a panel discussion with CxOs of a group of companies from this next wave of OpenStack specialists. The panel will consist of Ken Rugg, CEO of Tesora, Joe Arnold, CPO of SwiftStack, Evan Powell, CEO of StackStorm, Pere Monclus, CTO of PLUMgrid, and John Griffith, Software Engineer at SolidFire and former PTL of Cinder. They will discuss evolving roles of specialists and generalists in the OpenStack community, how companies should define themselves in a rapidly changing landscape, dissect interactions between specialists and generalists as the market matures, and explore predictions on the future of the OpenStack ecosystem.

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