OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The technology industry has been abuzz about cloud workload containerization since the open source Docker project became a phenomenon in early 2014. Meanwhile, an OpenStack Containers Team was formed and the Magnum project launched to provide users with a convenient Containers-as-a-Service solution for OpenStack environments. As the potential of both technologies emerged, many wanted to see shared governance over the baseline container specification and runtime technology to ensure an open cloud ecosystem. This past June, a new group was formed with a goal of creating open, industry standards around container formats and runtimes, called the Open Container Initiative ( So how will OpenStack Magnum influence - and be influenced by - the new OCI group? Why is the OCI under the stewardship of the Linux Foundation? What is the scope of the OCI effort? What project goals and/or principles will guide their work? Attend this session to learn the following: A brief history of the open container ecosystem and the major benefits that containerization provides An overview of the Magnum CaaS plugin architecture and design goals Insider details on the the progress of the Linux Foundation Open Container Initiative (and the related Cloud Native Computing Foundation) What it all means for deploying container orchestration engines on your cloud with OpenStack Magnum

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