OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OVN is a new network virtualization project that brings virtual networking to the Open vSwitch user community. OVN includes logical switches and routers, security groups, and L2/L3/L4 ACLs, implemented on top of a tunnel-based overlay network. For physical-logical network integration, OVN implements software gateways, as well as supports hardware gateways from a variety of vendors. The OVN architecture simplifies the current OVS integration within Neutron by providing a virtual networking abstraction. OVN provides Neutron with improved dataplane performance through shortcut, distributed logical L3 processing and in-kernel based security groups, without running special OpenStack agents on hypervisors. In this presentation, we will provide an update on OVN's progress and provide a demo. The demo will show an OpenStack-driven OVN deployment connecting containers and hypervisors. We will demonstrate newly added features such as security groups and logical L3. We will also discuss how users can start using OVN in their own deployments.

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