OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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Let's talk about the application workloads and scenarios you can envision on a truly open cloud. What do you think about owning your health data or fitness data? How about running the infrastructure on an OpenStack cloud? After learning that her eleven-year-old son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 2014, Anne began investigating technology to help with the daunting task of living with the day-to-day management of the condition. True story, she found a way to use OpenStack resources to monitor data from his continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to gather not just five data points a day but nearly 300 data points in a 24-hour period. Hear the story of finding Nightscout, a collection of open source projects that can run real-time monitoring applications on OpenStack clouds. While the project's original approach to collect the data required an Android phone attached to the CGM receiver, the project now has a REST API for collecting and displaying data. Justin has a family member with Type I diabetes also, and we can compare and contrast the proprietary approach with the open source approach. We can demonstrate the Nightscout web application and iOS app running on a Rackspace Cloud server with node.js connected to a MongoDB database. While the CGM use cases are medical devices with medical data, we also want to explore consumer data collection such as fitness trackers. Let's discuss the full spectrum of open source and open data in an open cloud.

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