OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

As OpenStack is fast becoming the platform of choice for private cloud deployments, customers are demanding enterprise-class capabilities such as high availability as well as ease of deployment and management. Attend this session to learn about how key industry players are collaborating to reduce the complexity and improve the experience of implementing an OpenStack-powered Private Cloud. Red Hat will talk about the engineering collaboration with Intel to drive enterprise-ready features upstream and the partnerships with Dell and Cisco under the RedHat-Intel OnRamp to Enterprise Private Cloud program to deliver a complete private cloud solution. The jointly engineered solutions allow enterprise customers to transform their data centers into public cloud-like infrastructure, while retaining the security, compliance and control needed for internal and external customers. Mirantis will talk about Unlocked Appliances delivered jointly with equipment vendors, taking advantage of ongoing work in OpenStack and in related open-source projects like Fuel. Fuel is a pluggable module-based architecture for the deployment of infrastructure within OpenStack, which enables storage, networking and other infrastructure to be automatically deployed. If you are looking for a production-ready OpenStack environment and can be scaled as your workloads increase, you need to be here.

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