OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In this talk, we share our experience on operating a 200-node OpenStack cluster and provide computing resources to about 50 research staff and students to IIIS (Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Study) in Tsinghua University for a year. The OpenStack cloud allows the researchers and students quickly run “big data” research projects, such as genome sequencing, image processing, quantum physics topics, as well as traditional scientific computing tool such as Matlab. We have limited IT staff resource, so our primary goal during the above journey has been making the infrastructure ‘self-drivable’. We will share our recent experience on how to work with the Compass team (an open source tool from Huawei) and the Intel Ceph storage team to extend our cloud infrastructure to our current Ceph + OpenStack setup. We will share how we manage Openstack logs and performance data to improve system manageability and reduce human interaction with the system.

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