OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Because enterprise cloud computing is still emerging, many myths about hybrid cloud have surfaced. Building your enterprise hybrid cloud with eyes wide open will ensure you don t have inflated expectations and know what you should - and shouldn t - expect from your cloud infrastructure. Cloud isn t one dimensional. Buzzwords such as portability and containerization mean different things depending on your perspective, and media coverage has only increased confusion as to how they can affect your organization. On this panel, experts from diverse industries including public and private cloud, systems integration and cloud management will separate reality from assumption around top cloud computing myths and the top trends around cloud computing. Included will be recommendations for mitigating risks when migrating to the cloud. Panelists: Randy Bias, CTO/CEO, Cloudscaling Mark Williams, CTO, Redapt Anthony Skinner, CTO, Moz Sebastian Stadil, CEO, Scalr

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