OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

This is the story of Ada, an intrepid computer scientist, who has a need to create compute instances in the Rackspace Public Cloud. Alas, the public cloud is being upgraded at the moment and Ada's attempts to create compute instances are thwarted! Upgrades of OpenStack can be difficult. Performing live upgrades on production clouds is even more arduous. Performing them live without the customer noticing is the hardest of all! In this talk, plucky Rackspace engineers Jesse Keating and Chris Blumentritt will recount the story of a Ada, our mythical user who tries desperately to make use of the Public Cloud during a control plane upgrade. They will provide narration, visualization, and technical insight into Ada's experience before and after making engineering and orchestration improvements to the control plane deployments during the Juno cycle. They will share the details of how they used Ansible playbooks, their Linux know-how, and functionality available in Icehouse to provide less impactful live upgrades of OpenStack services in the Rackspace Public Cloud. Join us as we dive into the trails and tribulations and discover ways to prevent your "Adas" and other customers from ever noticing live upgrades of an OpenStack cloud so that you too can perform live upgrades that are 99% invisible.

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