OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The statistics are grim. Women make up only 20 percent of the programmers and 31 percent of the technology workforce as a whole. With technology playing a greater role in business than ever before, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts an astounding 22.2 percent growth in the computer-related job marketcompared to an expected 10 percent overall growth. OpenStack as a community embraces diversity -- or at least that is what we say. we do. The industry and the OpenStack community simply cannot afford to lose the opportunity to tap into 50 percent of the talent pool solely because they are female. It is no secret that there is a small but growing number of great women who are contributing to the OpenStack Community in an amazing number of ways. Working in teams where not everyone is the same gender has its own set of challenges. This is a panel discussion with some of the women leaders in the community where we will share ways of encouraging more diversity on teams and tips and tricks on how that can be achieved.

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