OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Software Defined Infrastructure architecture addresses the Compute, Network, Storage, Security, Energy and Manageability aspects of the infrastructure. It includes the technology domains of Network Functions Virtualisation and Software Defined Networking. It benefits the infrastructure user and owner by enabling faster innovation and lower costs. Efficient SDI requires Application and Infrastructure interaction with the server playing a critical role. As the Industry charges ahead with building the next generation of networking products, open source components, such as OpenStack need to evolve to fit Telecom and cloud requirements and support the deployment of NFV applications. While today NFV imposes new requirements on Networking and Neutron, the OpenStack community can use NFV as one of the drivers for a complete SDI and position the OpenStack project as part of a holistic Compute/Network/Storage orchestration solution, targeting efficient, policy driven shared SDI infrastructure. OpenStack is the premier open source API Services Framework for NFV that can address the needs of the Virtualised Infrastructure Manager (VIM) defined in the ETSI-NFV architecture. This presentation will start from a Networking perspective, drawing from ETSI-NFV specification work and the knowledge gained virtualising Telco workloads, add SDI aspects and cover the following topics: • Provide an overview of the ETSI-NFV reference architecture, • Identify the unique challenges presented by Telco & cloud for OpenStack, • Describe with concrete examples how advancements made in OpenStack up to the Juno release help deploying SDI at large scale • Articulate missing elements that are needed to automate the deployment of Network Services & SDI, and share thoughts on how you can get involved in this exciting new space

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