OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Over the last months, we could see more and more OpenStack deployments running in production. Installing an OpenStack cloud that can scale does not only mean setting up packages and run your favorite automation tool to configure all the projects together. It also means: test deployments (ability to reproduce the infrastructure) adding new features and fix bugs in components (continuous integration) manage upgrades (OpenStack releases, dependencies and operating systems) migrate the production with new features (continuous delivery) without downtime Here are the challenges: how to deal with staying as close as possible to the latest features available in OpenStack and how to upgrade an OpenStack cloud in production as often as possible. We can see over the OpenStack distros market that they all provide a nice way to deploy OpenStack in 5 minutes from a great GUI. But do they really care about upgrades? Are they much more flexible than other solutions? Are they really production-ready? In this presentation, I would like to present the path we take at eNovance to build, deploy and manage OpenStack in production, trying to respect all the requirements above. There is no magic behind it, we just love automation. keywords: jenkins, puppet, ansible, eDeploy, packaging, CI, CD

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