OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Ambassadors are recognised on the OpenStack website for their efforts and provided with support from foundation staff to conduct their duties. They will also get access to a funding program allowing them to request funds for activities of impact in their region. We d also expect ambassadors to attend the summits, and the Foundation would likely assist if it wasn t possible for them to be there using their own methods. Ambassador Attributes Act as a liason between user groups, the Foundation, and the general community, for example: helping to solicit feedback on OpenStack and aggregate it to the global level promoting key messages into the user communities (eg ask questions on! ) finding people to help localise content helping onboard new users and contributors Assist in user group best practice from nurturing new groups to cementing the quality of existing ones Help people find the right people to talk to Represent the community via speaking and visibility opportunities with the official title Report on the activities in their region Be a good leader, wranging activity from others and mobilising the global OpenStack community! The title is designed to recognise those who are already good leaders with a proven track record in the community. With the title, new users, contributors and community members should easily be able to recognize their Ambassador as a go-to resource. While the role provides inherent credibility, it also comes with accountability, meaning decisions and actions made by the Ambassador should benefit the whole community, not just one person or company. We believe that the Ambassadors will already be active participants in our community. Think about those people who are already working across multiple user groups, submitting OpenStack mini-events to related conferences, helping onboard new users and contributors, arranging hackfests or just generally going above and beyond in the name of making Openstack great. Meet the OpenStack Ambassadors.

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