OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

During the Juno development cycle, numerous IPv6 features were merged into Neutron. Join Xu Han Peng, Sean M. Collins, and Robert Li as they discuss the following features available in OpenStack Neutron, Juno release: Provider Networking - Upstream SLAAC Support. Cloud admins create a Provider Network in Neutron, that use an upstream router that advertises RA s - so that instances can use SLAAC to configure their IPv6 networking. RADVD - Support Router Advertisements using RADVD Support for radvd in Neutron, for Neutron routers to announce IPv6 routes and addresses Dnsmasq - DHCPv6 stateless and stateful mode in Dnsmasq Adds support for stateful/stateless DHCPv6 to configure instances This session will also discuss features that are planned for the upcoming Kilo release, such as: Support Multiple IPv6 Prefixes and Addresses for IPv6 Network Multiple IPv6 prefixes and/or addresses per Neutron port will be supported in OpenStack so a mix of public and private IPv6 addresses can supported. Support IPv6 Prefix Delegation Prefix delegation can be used to automatically configure neutron routers with prefixes so that IPv6 prefixes are obtained and renumbering can be done automatically. Floating IP support for IPv6 Addresses Add support for dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) on external gateway Dual-stack arrangement on a router's gateway port can be supported by allowing both an IPv6 and an IPv4-based subnet to be associated with a router.

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