OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

DreamHost has been working on our OpenStack Public Cloud, DreamCompute, for several years. At the onset of the project, we set out with an aggressive set of requirements for our networking functionality, including L2 tenant isolation, IPv6 support from the ground up, and complete support for the then emerging OpenStack Neutron APIs. Our search ended with the realization that there was a gap in OpenStack SDN for L3+ services. Thus, the Akanda project was born. Akanda is an open source suite of software, services, orchestration, and tools for providing L3+ services in OpenStack. It builds on top of OpenBSD, Packet Filter, and OpenStack Neutron, and is used in production to power DreamCompute's networking capabilities. Using Akanda, an OpenStack provider can provide tenants with a rich, powerful set of L3+ services, including routing, port forwarding, firewalling, and more. This talk will give an introduction to the Akanda project, review the DreamCompute use case, and illustrate how Akanda works under the hood. In addition, we'll discuss future capabilities, operational challenges and tips, and more.

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