OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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Many OpenStack deployments use VLANs to separate traffic into different virtual networks. Existing solutions require either that all VLANs must be trunked to every host or the use of vendor-supplied plugins paired with specific (proprietary) hardware.Cumulus Networks and Metacloud will be presenting a plugin (targeted for inclusion in Icehouse) that allows Neutron to extend the configuration of VLANs to Linux based switches such that individual VLANs are only trunked to ports and hosts that need them. The use of Linux based switches allows for rapid prototyping of advanced configurations in VMs or on real hardware. We will be demonstrating this plugin controlling bare-metal hardware-accelerated Linux switches running Cumulus Linux for production ready deployments. Additionally, we will discuss an L3 mode, that has similar functionality but uses entirely L3 concepts. The discussion will include solutions to issues around connectivity, security, mobility, and public IP access.

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