OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Intel IT is on year 3 of our OpenStack journey. In this session we will share how we have optimized our DevOps approach to ensure we are running with the latest code in production with strong code review/testing, how we deliver enterprise level availablity for our end users, how we have integrated with our overall Enterprise systems such as Configuration Management/Identity/Service Management, and how OpenStack has become the single control plane for our datacenter infrastructure across multiple hypervisors and storage infrastructure solutions. We will dive into both the underlying implementation of our global implementation, as well as how we are using higher level methods to enable our wide range of app developers. This session will also go over how we are enabling a hybrid federated approach with OpenStack enabled public cloud environments, and the challenges we all need to address in order to make this seamless for the IT industry. With 3 years under our belt with OpenStack, we will share the good, the bad, and the ugly on the reality of OpenStack for the Enterprise IT market, and share what our fellow IT peers can do now in order to drive for implementation in their respective companies.

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