OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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OpenStack service interoperability is becoming a major requirement for developers and users of public clouds. With more and more OpenStack-based deployments available to the public it is getting harder and harder to choose a vendor that ensures API interoperability. To make things worse, you might want to have some external testing for verification. Luckily there is already an existing project that executes tests against the OpenStack API: Tempest. Tempest is used daily to test thousands of deployments, namely devstack in Zuul. It is used to verify patches for API interoperability and to check if a new patch doesn’t break existing functionality. Experienced operators can configure and use Tempest to test not only a local devstack environment but their own deployment; however asking users to configure and test several OpenStack deployments is a tedious task. We built a tool around OpenStack Tempest to simplify this process for users, developers, operators and distribution builders. whatthestack discovers common settings required to create a configuration for Tempest and executes Tempest tests against a given OpenStack deployment. A subset of Tempest tests is executed to verify common API interoperability; these tests do not require an administrator account and therefore are executable by regular users. This session will explain in more details the objectives of whatthestack, as well as demonstrate it’s use. It will end with a 2 way forum to gather idea and potential feedback that we will use for future directions of the tool.

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