OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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SDN is the hot topic in cloud networking. Overlay networks and VXLAN in particular are the de facto standard to implement virtual networking for clouds, due to wide support in the Linux kernel and the latest switches from leading networking vendors. We will be describing how Neutron and other OSS tools can be used to provide L2 connectivity to VMs via VXLAN over a non-blocking ECMP IP fabric. We will also be demonstrate how a simple service node script can eliminate the need for multicast in the physical network. Additionally we will have a Broadcom Trident 2 based switch on hand running Cumulus Linux 2.0, with which we will demonstrate the use of an extension of the existing Linux Switch ml2 plugin we demoed in Hong Kong to connect physical network devices (routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc) into VXLAN based virtual networks.

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