OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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ZeroVM is a next generation, open source hypervisor built specifically for the cloud. Based on the Chromium Native Client project ZeroVM is lightweight, performant and extremely secure. Pairing ZeroVM with OpenStack Swift creates a massively distributed converged compute and storage platform enabling a new way to deliver cloud infrastructure as a service. This session is targeted at developers and other technical attendees interested in learning more about ZeroVM and the integration with OpenStack Swift. We will begin with an overview and some background on the ZeroVM project. We will move into a discussion of the various features and benefits of ZeroVM and how it compares to other virtualization technologies such as Xen, KVM, LXC and OpenVZ. Next we will discuss how ZeroVM can be integrated into a variety of different storage solutions. We will focus on presenting and discussing the work that Rackspace has completed to integrate ZeroVM into OpenStack Swift to create a new distributed compute enabled storage platform. We will end the session with a discussion of future cloud infrastructure solutions that could be enabled by the ZeroVM technology. The overall goal of this session is to inspire people to explore ZeroVM and to join the growing community building and experimenting with the technology.

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