OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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We’ll present a web-based editing experience around Heat Orchestration Templates. We have created a unified editing experience leveraging diagram and text-based metaphors into one seamless flow. We have also extended the Heat engine to support full-stack deployment by integrating application deployment capabilities from IBM UrbanCode Deploy. We’ll demonstrate creating ready to deploy HOT documents which capture Compute, Network, and Storage resources as well as our own extensions around software configuration and deployment resources. We’ll describe how our solution supports three characteristics for Software Defined Environments: - Organic: Support creating and updating environments in place as their purpose or architecture changes over time. - Version-aware: We’ll show incorporating native scm solutions like git as part of the web-based interface to version and update templates across multiple environments. - Fullstack Engineering: We’ll describe templates which capture cloud resources and software resources as part of a unified template which can then provision cloud resources and deploy software in one action. Our extensions to Heat will be described along with our experiences in extending the engine as a vendor.

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