OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Enterprises today are adopting hybrid environments to manage, handle capacity, and migrate their workloads across private and public cloud environments. In this session, we propose an integrated cloud workload management, migration and automation framework for OpenStack. In this context, we present an approach to migrate workloads (not live migration) running on OpenStack (KVM & ESX) to target cloud environments (both public and private) using well-defined migration templates and a ‘push-button’ method. The templates can also be configured at design-time to perform deployments, configuration and automation on target cloud environments, apriori to scheduling the migration. In this discussion we would see how the approach helps in migrating workloads from Openstack to Non-Openstack cloud environments and vice-versa with high levels of automation and virtually no human interaction. We will also show the ability to manage workloads on premise and on public cloud environments through a single unified interface.

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