OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Containers in the Cloud has been receiving a lot of attention recently. If you look at the available containers technology (OpenVZ, ZeroVM, Docker, LXC, OpenShift, lmctfy ...) You'd think that there'd been even more proliferation and competition in the Linux containers space than in hypervisors with Xen and KVM. However, the reality is somewhat different. Thanks to a massive collaborative between most of the containers players on the upstream kernel, the underlying technology used to create containers that run on Linux is essentially the same. The differences lie in the ways containers are created and managed from the point of view of which pieces of the in-kernel container technology they make use of. This talk will survey the current state of container technology in Linux, what the control plane differences are between all the competing technologies, and how we might begin to standardise container technology and its uses withing OpenStack and beyond going forwards.

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