OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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OpenStack is a powerful open-source cloud management system. Multiple services, databases, configuration files, messaging queues and runtime agents are needed to realize its full potential. This is obviously not easy to deploy in production and, even more important, to monitor and troubleshoot potential issues. OpenStack distributions provide a solution to all the above-mentioned problems. But which one is the best for your cloud? In this session we will explore the most popular OpenStack distributions on the market. Let’s talk openly about pros and cons for each, with clear fair parameters for all of them. OpenStack users attending this session will get a better idea of all available distributions. They will also understand the important questions to ask when they look for a distribution, and what is beneficial for all users. They will evaluate whether it is possible to independently support an OpenStack deployment , without any company behind their data centers, and if it is how much investment is needed.

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