OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Title: Scaling Neutron for large deployments Summary: In this presentation we will address the scaling issues faced at eBay’s Inc largest Openstack Deployment. eBay has multiple environments that help address Description of the Presentation: eBay Inc has been in the forefront of deploying Openstack in several environments that include eBay Market Places and PayPal production, development/QA environment. In this talk we present our experience in scaling Neutron to deploy a large overlay and bridged network and the challenges faces. In this talk we will go through our deployment patterns along with the HA considerations for the physical underlay network. Some of the areas that we had to enhance to achieve scaling are listed below : Rabbit MQ scale and active/active mode Quantum servers behind VIP Multiple fault zone design Multiple worker thread and caching Scaling DHCP and DHCP-less (config drive) Multiple gateways and logical router placements We will conclude with our observations and best practices recommendations.

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