OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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The analysts and media who cover OpenStack will offer direct, unvarnished feedback in this moderated panel. Come and join the conversation, covering questions like: - Why do we keep talking about the "benevolent dictator vs technical meritocracy" question? Why do some think that OpenStack needs its own Linus Torvalds? - The rumor mill tells us that vendors have a growing number of large deployments in production. But those customers have their vendors under strict NDA. Are we doing a disservice to the larger IT community by not alluding to those as-yet-unannounced OpenStack deployments? - What are the top pet peeves media and analysts have when talking to vendors and users in the ecosystem? What do you wish we'd stop saying, and why? - Why are vendors and enterprises drawn to OpenStack, and what is preventing greater adoption? This promises to be an engaging and frothy session.

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