OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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One year ago in Portland, the developer community declared intent to create a native, open, and declarative DSL for Heat (the OpenStack Orchestration service), and mature the project to the point of wide adoption across the OpenStack ecosystem. In the past year, the project has significantly matured and is now accessible to customers on one of the largest public clouds in the world. In this talk, we will share our experiences on: .1) operationalizing and running Heat as a public cloud service for customers .2) dominant usage patterns and customer feedback (related to improvements we hope to drive back into Heat) .3) deployment architecture overview and CI/CD pipeline (e.g. Using Heat to deploy Heat), including multi-engine horizontal scale (a Rackspace developed feature contributed to Heat) .4) Template catalog and Meta-data Service value to customers, and the roadmap for developing this in Glance .5) integration with software configuration management and optimizing experiences around specific tools like Chef .6) Q&A

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