OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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While some developers may find it silly to create tests they know will immediately fail, this is actually the first step of test-driven development. Test-driven development not only results in better code, it also reduces those late night surprises when it comes to deploying the software. All developers know that they should adopt test-driven development practices, so why are so few actually doing it? The short answer is that it sucks writing tests. The goal of this talk is to demonstrate some of the tools that make test-driven development [somewhat] bearable on OpenStack environments. In this talk, join Hart Hoover as he: Provides tools needed to perform test-driven development with Chef Explains the roles of tools like ChefSpec, Test Kitchen, RuboCop, Foodcritic, Berkshelf, and how they work together holistically Demonstrates a test-driven development on an OpenStack environment using all of the aforementioned tools Understand how and why tests pass or fail, and how to analyze the output of those tests and correct failures Shows how you can take advantage of these tools currently on GitHub

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