OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Over the last 5 years, of my 30-year career, I have worked extensively with US Fortune 500 companies on their journey to cloud. This talk introduces a Cloud Maturity Model based on my combined experiences with those companies and product teams. Across all of these initiatives, there was a certain pattern emerging that could be defined as a “Cloud Maturity Model” and applied to real world products it would provide roadmap guidance in three dimensions: Cloud Friendly / Cloud Ready / Cloud Mature applications. Each dimension, or maturity level, describes common business activities, technology activities and operational activities to be considered on the way to a fully cloud mature product. Applying the model allows the product team to quickly move to using OpenStack based clouds, without having all the benefits of a modern, agile, multi-tenant elastic application on day one. Audience: The content in this session is based on working with customers, sales, marketing, product managers, developers and operations teams in moving existing and new products to OpenStack based platforms such as HP’s public cloud. Agenda: - The Business Challenge – Moving products from legacy to cloud - The Cloud Maturity model – Cloud friendly/ready/mature - The Compliance model – Unified Control Framework and SSAE-16’s - The DevOps model – The tale of two cows and one kitten The presentation is user focused and intended to provide examples and practical guidance in addressing common challenges and solutions for those throughout the session

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