OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Introduction to OpenStack Trove: A multi-database deployment with MySQL and MongoDB Co-speakers Michael Basnight, PTL of Trove, and Doug Shelley, active developer on Trove A key goal of Trove is to provide a scalable and reliable DBaaS provisioning functionality for both relational and non-relational database engines. This tutorial covers the steps involved in a simple multi-database deployment of OpenStack Trove with MySQL and MongoDB. We begin with a short introduction to Trove, describe the steps involved in installing Trove and a brief description of the Trove API. We then demonstrate some interactions with the Trove API including a demonstration of a deployment with a relational database (MySQL) and a non-relational database (MongoDB). We conclude with a brief description of emerging trends in the Database-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service landscape. During this session you will learn about: What is Trove What is the Trove API and how can I interact with Trove How do I install Trove How can I deploy different data stores with Trove The future of DBaaS and DaaS

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