OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration Speakers: Steven Hardy & Zane Bitter In this session you will learn how the Orchestration capabilities of OpenStack, provided by the Heat project, can help make the deployment and management of your cloud workloads simpler and more robust by allowing you to represent infrastructure as code. If you have requirements related to orchestrating applications on OpenStack clouds, this session will help you understand what Heat is, an overview of how to use it, key terminology, template language concepts, and details of the current and planned features. Included in this session will be information about the new HOT DSL, providers/environments abstractions, and latest software-configuration capabilities for Icehouse. Finally you will see a demo of Heat in action! (Speaker Info - Steven Hardy and Zane Bitter are both core developers on the Heat project, and have been active contributors since the project was started)

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