OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) will be a public cloud based on a new model that allows many companies and institutions to participate in its implementation and operation. MOC is bringing multiple vendors together within a single infrastructure, hence fostering collaboration and interoperability amongst them. Several industry partners have joined the effort and been instrumental in the initial implementation of MOC. The goal for MOC is to foster interoperability and innovation amongst insterested parties and the opportunity to explore new computing models. This session will provide an overview of the architecture and it's evolution Blueprint to build a multi-vendor cloud infrastrucutre Architecture decisions and guidance Considerations for scale, operations and upgrades Lessons learned from the initial deployment: Issues with shared infrastructure and scope of trust Solution for integrating existing hardware provisioning We will also cover use cases for applications deployed on the MOC cloud, ranging from Big Data analytics, PaaS and others With the participation of several key Boston universities such as Harvard, Boston University, MIT and North Eastern, UMass and other parthers MOC will evolve into a large scale open cloud infrastructure.

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