OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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These days everybody knows how to scale a distributed system all over the globe without any single point of failure and communicating between each others in a clustered way. If you think about it, distributed servers are not so much different than distributed teams, they need to get along together and be synchronized. But is it really? Human are humans after all and are not servers. In this session we will go over how eNovance started growing up his development team in a distributed way following the agile’s values and principles. This session will explain how to schedule and iterate keeping the pace of Openstack releases. We will also cover how we organize our scrums, sprint planning, review, retrospective facing different time zones with our distributed teams. How do you agile your global team to contribute to OpenStack is the talk for everyone who wants to scale agile in multiple distributed teams contributing upstream to Openstack and other open source projects.

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