OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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This is where you'll learn how to hack OpenStack itself. You'll start by firing up your own OpenStack development environment, go on to modify OpenStack itself, and end the session learning how to contribute your modification back to the project. Sounds like a lot? That's because it is! The training is targetted at people with Python programming experience, familiarity with Linux system administration, and ideally some experience with OpenStack as a user. If you lack one (or all!) you're welcome to attend, but be forewarned that the session's time constraints leave little leeway for catching up if you fall behind. Structure Requirements Python programming experience Familiarity with Linux system administration Familiarity with OpenStack A laptop with at least 4GB of RAM VirtualBox 4.2+ Part I. Getting Started Duration: 30 minutes You'll get a set of ready-to-use VirtualBox appliances as well as instructions on how to set them up on your machine. At the end of this initial part of the session you should have everything you need to start hacking (regardless of available bandwidth!). The mentor will also quickly demonstrate some of OpenStack's main features, including uploading images, setting up storage volumes, and manually launching and connecting to a guest VM. Part II. Hacking OpenStack Duration: 30 minutes A developer that can write Python applications for OpenStack can just as easily hack OpenStack itself, as the latter's also written in Python. During this part of the session, you will see how you (as just such a developer!) would: Set up an environment for comfortable OpenStack hacking Modify a small part of OpenStack Run and test the modification Part III. Contributing your Patch Duration: 30 minutes Armed with your beautiful, fully-functional patch, during this latter part of the session you will step through the process of submitting it to the OpenStack community for review, getting it shot down multiple times, and, eventually (hopefully!) acceptance. This includes: Tips on writing a good blueprint and/or bug Discussion on how to submit the patch for review Discussion on where and how to engage the community Discussion on how not to give up

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