OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Designate is a DNS as a Service project that is based on openstack, and using its design methods. In this talk we will look at how the extra integration between Designate and Openstack can benefit operators and end users who are currently using or evaluating Openstack. As part of the talk we will demo the ‘sink’ capabilities that allows Designate to automatically add DNS entries as instances are booted. This will include a section on how to customise the ‘sink service’ to fit individual (operator) needs. We will compare the process to how an operator might do this with bind, on a non automated basis We will also show how end users can be allowed to create their own reverse DNS entries for Neutron Floating IPs, without the operator having to manually create the records, or hand control of a reverse zone to a client / end user. Finally we will show how the current development work will allow operators to use nearly all major DNS servers that support standard DNS Zone Transfers (AXFRs) as customer facing DNS server, while using the power of Designate to administer the zones, and if we do not currently support their chosen server, how easy it is to integrate them. This talk is an in-depth extension of the “Designate: An Overview of DNSaaS for Openstack” talk, intended for operators and deployers.

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