OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Continuous Integration and Deployment using Openstack The Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment infrastructure relies on Openstack Zuul for project gating and uses our Openstack Cloud for scaling up and down the number of nodes used by the continuous integration part. The whole setup allows each developer to provide its own scripts/jobs in any programming language (ruby, python, java, bash, etc) that will be executed during the different phases of the CI process. Continuous deployment is done by taking configuration management code through the same CI infrastructure but under different workflows coordinated by zuul allowing the reliability team to deploy new packages in an automated controlled fashion. The talk will be explaining topics such as: CI workflow / CD workflow - From begin to end... how code goes to deployment Replicating code and changes to different repositories - One project... 2 Projects... Multiple projects... Best Practices Review, Approve, Build, Integration, Release and Periodic Workflow Stages A step by step journey of a code change Packages, Artifacts or which ever term you use How do you want to wrap it out RPMs? Debs? Tar? Distribution of Packages/Artifacts Shipping the code to different locations Infrastructure as Code Controlling and Managing what is your Infrastructure doing Deployment to production So it's GO time and you have green light The presentation will give you a deeper understanding of each section and how can be done with open source tools and OpenStack.

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