OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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When Cisco started envisioning the future of its application development platforms, the ability to create applications that are cloud native with elastic services and network aware application policies was a strategic innovation of the company. When the decision to build and operate a Cisco cloud service delivery platform for Collaboration, Video, and Internet of Things (IoT) application development was made, Openstack became central to our architecture and strategic to our vision as a company. This presentation will look at the journey Cisco took to provide an application centric OpenStack platform for application development in a secure and completely open source manner. For each Openstack project, the issues, design considerations, and implementation best practices will be described. The Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) approach that greatly simplifies and enables application requirements to define the network will be detailed along with the submissions to the Openstack projects. Lastly, the operational experiences and best practices that were learned through the Cisco policy-based operational model that enables developer friendly environments that radically simplifies, optimizes and accelerates the entire application deployment lifecycle will case studied.

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