OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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With almost 1600 participating developers from more than 165 organizations and a well-developed foundation with strong governance, OpenStack has the momentum and corporate support required to become a ubiquitous cloud-computing platform. Since OpenStack’s first release in October of 2010, the core technology has improved by orders of magnitude. In short, OpenStack has become the Linux of cloud computing and it is here to stay. However, even for the most advanced IT teams, deploying OpenStack has proven difficult. During this session Hernan Alvarez, VP of Operations at Blue Box and Andreas Stollar, Senior Architect for Big Fish Games will share the challenges, highlights and best practices learned from Big Fish Game’s adoption of a hosted private cloud environment into their infrastructure operations. This presentation will cover: • Deployment methodology and tooling that led to the purchasing decision of a hosted private cloud • Considerations that went into a managed offering, and the decision factors between on-premise vs. hosted • Ways to create seamless on-demand scaling to meet demand • Designing architecture to adapt for unique and often changing technical requirements • Effective methods for integration with existing legacy IT infrastructure Hernan and Andreas will speak to how Big Fish is leveraging the techniques above as well as currently using their Hosted OpenStack Private Cloud to minimize their drain on IT resources while empowering over 500 worldwide developers to spend more time innovating. Please join us for the real world discussion of production OpenStack challenges and triumphs.

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