OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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Ceilometer is an underutilized component of OpenStack. It can be argued that it is a new component which has not matured enough, that its features are not very well known. We have another theory. We think that people are not using it because they made a conscious analysis and decided that they just don’t need it today. They can run their cloud without billing and metering, without alarms, without the newest events and audit records available. That may be right from a point of view of normal daily operations but what if we change the perception that ceilometer is just a tool for today to the fact that ceilometer is also a collection tool for the future. What if the same folks that decide they don’t need ceilometer today start seeing it as another input to their enterprise data warehouse. What if in 2, 5 and 10 years from now you can run the latest BI tools on this warehouse with the latest cognitive algorithms and you start seeing your cloud users behavior, underutilized resources as well as bottlenecks in your cloud, workload lifecycle, and policy compliance. This presentation will show you how by just turning on ceilometer in your cloud and with a solid archiving strategy you open the door for all sorts of Big Data wonders. We will present a few patterns that could be discovered with today’s Big Data tools assuming data ceilometer can collect today. Then we will extrapolate to make some fun predictions of the patterns we could discover in the future using projected evolutions of these tools. The Presentation format will allow for interactive discussion with the audience and will welcome other ideas on this topic.

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