OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

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As an organization adopts cloud, the traditional relationship between IT and developers is disrupted: IT loosens its control of infrastructure delivery, and developers are now in charge of provisioning, managing, and decommissioning resources. But how does the organization evolve to make it acceptable for IT to relinquish one of its key responsibilities? IT and developers must rethink how they work together. In fact, they must transition from a relationship that’s built on control and oversight, to one that’s built on trust and accountability. On this panel, experts who have driven cloud adoption at their companies or helped their customers do so will seek to answer the following questions: Why is DevOps, the sometimes uncomfortable union of IT and Devs, critical to success with cloud? What are the social challenges an organization should expect to face when adopting a DevOps culture? When adopting cloud? What about IT’s other responsibilities, such as security and cost control? Does IT carry on with its mission, or does it alter it? How?

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